Week 7 report (July 8 to July 14)

Sections Summary
Minutes of Meeting
(Meeting date:
8 July, 2020)
- Using Lems exporter with standard dictionary
Tasks - Refactor existing `nmlexport` library to use baseexport’s
dictionary to export NeuroML/LEMS format from Brian script
- Conceptualize human-readable format export from Brian script
using `baseexport`’s dictionary
Work done - Refactor `nmlexport` to replicate results as produced by the previous version with
using standard dictionary
- Conceptualize markdown based rendering model descriptions
Issues associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/27
Pull Request

With this week, I was able to put in dictionary information and use them in LEMS device. And I would able to get similar output as by the previous version!!

However, there were some technical difficulties to express features in Brian like run_regularly(), particular member based initialization and other flexible ways that make Brian very special but hard to find way to express them in NeuroML format.

At this level, I paused the refactoring nmlexport part and moved to conceptualizing human readable export work, which is one of the prime goals of the project. And moreover, a realtime validation to check the usability of the standard dictionary work done so far.

With the change in nmlexport package, there isn’t any changes as previous version for user, because the user will not be aware of all the backward changes done. For references on nmlexport package: please follow the link

Written on July 8, 2020