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Hi there👋, I am Vigneswaran Chandrasekaran

As Kaveri rushes to embrace her yearning sea, she deposits fine silt off her bosom to make one of the most fertile tracts of the country. Amidst there lies a beautiful town (my birthplace), Thanjavur, with copious paddy fields, rich culture, and the capital of mighty Cholas. It is the birthplace of many great personalities like Manuneethi Chola, who did not hesitate to execute his son to provide justice to an anguished cow.

I like computational neuroscience because it allows speculation and reduces complex observations in the brain to succinct mathematical principles. I am pursuing a Ph.D. at IIT Madras, India. I like the open science movement, and I am a member of Brian simulator team . I do not have any big dreams or passions, but I want to serve my country which is dearer to me than my life, and offer all I do to Narayana.