Week 5 report (June 24 to June 30)

Sections Summary
Minutes of Meeting
(Meeting date:
24 June,2020)
-Supporting monitors and run_regularly
- Supporting multiple runs
- Add build options and device-specific tests
Tasks - Support monitors and run_regularly
- Refactor collecting initializers and identifiers
- Add multiple run() and build options
- Add device-specific test cases
Work done - Added monitors and run_regularly
- Add multiple runs with build options
- Collect initializers from run space and add them to dictionary
- Support `when`, `order` slots and `run_regularly` in dictionary format
Issue associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/33
Pull Requests

This week was mostly with support extension for standard dictionary. Monitors, Custom events and run-regularly were included to supported objects and thereby making Baseexport more useful (and progressive). Adding run_regularly support was something I felt happy about ;) because that gave some confidence that the standard dictionary would also able to represent intriguing concepts like Synapses!

With this, the first month of the GSoC coding period was successfully completed!!! I passed First evaluations and got good feedback from mentor as well!!

Many interesting works and exploration are on the way, oh boy!

Written on June 24, 2020