Week 2 report (June 3 to June 9)

Sections Summary
Minutes of Meeting
(Meeting date:
3 June,2020)
- Refactoring to have more generalized dictionary structure
- Setting up package structure in overall `brian2tools`
library and checking Standalone device mode
Tasks - Refactor Equations, Events and Identifiers representation

- Understand Standalone mode to familiarize
how device modes work in Brian
Work done Complete collector function for NeuronGroup and understood
how device mode works in Brian (esp. Standalone mode)
Issue associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/25

Having a week of experience in hand, I moved on to the next week. This week, I started to move things to GitHub, usually with previous years the integration of project to the code base will be done at the end of the project period, but this time, my mentor decided to have PRs and issues, to have periodical merging to the code base. That was really helpful and it is cool to have your work merged at each stage

This week, the main task in hand was to create a separate device to run Brian in model description mode. So, I checked the well-defined Standalone mode, to understand how it works and it was very crucial to proceed with my project. With this week, the real game starts of developing baseexport device to have proper interface.

Written on June 4, 2020