Week 1 report (May 28 to June 2)

Sections Summary
Minutes of Meeting
(Meeting date:
28 May,2020)
* Complexities dealing with multiple networks
* Complexities dealing with multiple run()
* Handling build and device overriding run()
* Hierarchy of the standard dictionary format
* Entities to be present in the dictionary format for NeuronGroup
* Complexities dealing with Events like multiple statements for reset
* Organizing Events in the dictionary format
Tasks * Implement a simple function to collect information from
NeuronGroup and return the details in dictionary format
Work done * Wrote a simple function: collect_NeuronGroup(group) that
returns information in dict format

Here comes the first week of Coding season!! With all excitement, I started my work by writing a simple function that would get a NeuronGroup object and spit out a dictionary of basic details about it. The details like name, population size were low hanging fruits but representing Equations and bringing in structure was a bit involving. Moreover Equations is one of the most important entity in Brian. Proceeding with next steps, other important details like, Events and identifiers are taken in account (Gist link for function).

With first week, I had plethora of trivial and basic doubts and generalizing final picture was not clear, but fortunately, my mentor Marcel Stimberg was very knowledgeable and gave many insightful solutions to clear things!

Written on June 3, 2020