Community Bonding

During the Community Bonding period, I was asked to check the relevant works done previously in Brian as well as by others. Among which, nmlexport package was the most relevant to refer and familiarizing it was very crucial. The main reason for that is my project proposal as well as nmlexport package have a lot of things and intuitions in common, as they both aim to describe Brian models in some standard representation. I was also asked to look at ANNarchy report feature to represent models in Nordlie et al. format.

The most important thing to finalize within Community Bonding was exploring representation or markup language to represent the proposed model descriptions. We checked NeruoML Lite, dict, XML and JSON based representation and finally decided to use dictionary representation. The main intuition was, it is flexible at the same time easy to access and use as well. With this conceptualization and familiarization, I was all set ready to start coding bammm!

The community bonding was really awesome, it helped me to get prepared and set to make my tiny contribution to be useful to the organization. My mentor and I, also decided to keep Wednesday as the official weekly video meeting day apart from daily Gitter and GitHub conversations for doubt clarifications and suggestions. The Community bonding period improved the quality of communication between me and my mentor, and made to get to know about each other.

(Notes taken during this period is available in this Google doc)

Written on May 31, 2020