Limitations, known bugs and missed targets

The project supports almost all Brian2 features and currently, the unsupported ones are,

  • Multi-compartmental Groups (SpatialNeuronGroup)
  • Store/restore features
  • Multi-network model (very rarely used)

Having “no bugs” is unavoidable and in fact that makes the work look more artificial ;)

Some known limitation(s) are,

  • Comments in non Equations based string code (in reset, prepost, run_regularly, etc.) are incorrectly identified as identifiers and fail in resolve to

Although, I was able to cover almost all targets proposed in the proposal, we missed creating fancy idea of finding out the “type of model” by evaluating model dynamics and also missed integrating baseexport with ModelDB that was listed in “Deliverables when time permits” section of proposal

Written on August 30, 2020