Week 11 report (August 5 to August 11)

Sections Summary
Meeting Summary
(5 and 7, August 2020)
Implementing array_cache mechanism
Supporting remaining Brian objects
Tasks - Implement caching using array_cache to raise
`NotImplementedError` for invalid usage of get_value()
on undefined indices
- Support PoissonInput, TimedArray, and Custom
user functions
Work done - Implement array_cache and write test cases to
check error raising mechanism
- Support PoissonInput, TimedArray and custom
Issue associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/38
Pull Request

Supporting TimedArray and PoissonInput was straightforward and adding custom functions needed a small discussion. The main part was array_cache implementation, which made the device complete (or something like subset of standalone device). Test cases dealing with devices was very involving, as for each cases proper reinit has to be inserted and takes a lot of patience to make all test cases work :/ I remember, we had a meeting and made debugging on what went wrong, and finally made all test cases to work successfully. Very kind of my mentor for helping me fix that!

Written on August 5, 2020