Week 9 report (July 22 to July 28)

Sections Summary
Meeting Summary
(22 July 2020)
Supporting Synapses with `baseexport`
Handling initializers and connections order
Tasks - Collect function to get straightforward information
from Synapses object
- Get pathways details
Work done - Collect function for `Synapses` to get information like name,
model equations, summed variables, when/order etc.

Issue associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/38
Pull Request

Started working on Synapses similar to NeuronGroup as this also derives from Groups class and has some similar things, like model equations. With Brian, Synapses is the thing, that I don’t anything about (also don’t know much about real synapses in Brain). But the documentation for Synapses in Brian docs was really helpful. To understand clearly how Synapses work, I took a clean white sheet and my machine and worked on all the examples mentioned in the docs. That really helped to understand the Synapses and helped to start working on that. By end of the week, I would able to get done with half the work of Synapses and got a rough idea on remaining parts like SynapticPathways and Synapses.connect(). In this period, I had lot of doubts and, as usual got clarified and cleared things by no other than my mentor Marcel Stimberg.

Written on July 22, 2020