Week 8 report (July 15 to July 21)

Sections Summary
Tasks - Create exporter for human-readable model
description using markdown strings
Work done - Wrote object specific unit functions that attach verbose
with information from dictionary
Issue associated brian-team/brian2tools/issues/28
Pull Request

This week, I was all excited and got into an artistic mood xD

I worked on creating functions to return markdown strings by expanding the details of Brian objects defined in the run level. With that week we paused on this work. Moreover, conceptualizing it to represent a standard way was not clear without supporting Synapses (the main component) in baseexport. Also, the goal of human readable export is to represent model details but at the same time flexible enough to make edit to the structure/words, and way to handle that was not super clear that time. So we moved on to supporting Synapses, which is not as straightforward as other components and without supporting them, the project will not look complete.

Also, the unit functions for markdown can also be easily used after finishing Synapses work.

Written on July 15, 2020