My GSoC story

During my junior year in Undergrad Computer Science, me and a small group of my friends had a talk about Google Summer of Code program and we eventually decided to give a shot. When the mentoring organization list was out, we started exploring various open source organizations. By that time, I was more interested in Neuroscience stuffs although I don’t know anything about it. So, I checked on the list and found INCF (International Neuroscience Coordinating Facility), which had bunch of sub-organizations to choose. I got pretty excited on seeing them but I wouldn’t able to understand a pint from the project descriptions. That day, around 8 PM in night, I took my scooter and got a printout of all project ideas listed under INCF. After couple of days of checking, I messaged Marcel Stimberg about my interest and he was very helpful and encouraging. I worked on a Pull Request to fix a small bug in’s contained_objects. That year, although I wouldn’t able to make it, I was happy with my learning curve and kept making some minor contributions. This year, with a little edge in familiarity, I tried to fix some bugs that are assigned as a part of GSoC selection process and created a Pull Request.

And hurray! I got :partying_face: selected for this year GSoC with Brian team.

Written on May 31, 2020